Mountain Goat Wildflower Hike

Raccoons, deer, and opossums have all recently visited this frog pond along the Mountain Goat Trail.

A beautiful August morning brought close to 20 people out for an easy walk on the newest section of the Mountain Goat Trail. This unpaved ½-mile trail connects Pearl’s Restaurant to St. Andrews which is at the eastern end of the paved section of the trail. We observed several different microhabitats, including wetlands and open powerline vistas, as well as the oak-hickory forest most typical of the plateau.  Herbarium post-doc fellow Nathan Bourne led us in using all of our senses to get better acquainted with some of the myriad ferns, wildflowers, and woody plants that we encountered. And let’s not forget the lichens, mosses, cubmosses, and fungi. We even sampled pears growing on an old roadside tree. For late season botanizing – or just a quiet stroll — the Mountain Goat Trail is a great place to go!

Click here to download a list of some of the plants you can see along this beautiful walk.


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