daffodils1Once upon a time (I am not making this up!) someone planted hundreds and hundreds of daffodil bulbs in a field in Bell’s Cove, right at the foot of the mountain. Those hundreds became thousands, covering acres and spilling into the adjacent woods. Every spring, the kindly “daffodil farmer” invites one and all to come pick as many as we want for a mere 2¢ per stem! It’s on the honor system – count your flowers, count your money, and leave it in the box.

To get to this beautiful spot, take Highway 41 from Monteagle down the mountain toward Pelham. As soon as you reach the valley, turn left on Bell’s Cove Road. Left again on the first paved road and go a short distance. You’ll soon see the field of daffodils. Park on the roadside, and pick these fragrant old-fashioned flowers to your heart’s content.

daffodils2No, I’ve never met the farmer, and I know only the skimpiest of stories about this place. Bu I do know that it’s a wonderful thing that we have here. And a trip to the daffodil farm is a great way to welcome springtime!


  1. Robley Hood

    I’ve actually met the farmer, who is the original farmer’s son. To this day, he still takes hundreds and hundreds of blooms each spring to sell in McMinnville, as his father did.

    • marypriestley

      Thanks, Robley! This is such a wonderful, almost (but not quite, as you point out) anonymous gift to our community!

  2. Kim Lupardus

    Can you please keep us posted on what wild flowers you see weekly. We live in Athens Al but do want to catch peak times on a few hikes Thanks kimlupardus

  3. marypriestley

    Hi Kim!

    Thanks for your comment on our blog! Yes, we’ll definitely do as you suggest. So far, salt-and-pepper, toothwort, bloodroot, and hepatica have started blooming — one or two each. The Trillium cuneatum (little sweet Betsy) is in bud. It’s still very early, but wonderful to see things coming along!

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