GCHS Students Visit Shakerag

GCHSThis morning, Nathan Bourne and I popped into Shakerag to see what was going on, and we came upon a group of nearly 150 Grundy County High School students clambering down the rocky trail near Green’s View. The students were taking in the wildflowers as part of a day-long field trip to campus. After the hike and a stop for lunch at the dining hall, they were headed to see the science building, the chapel, EMS facilities, a computer lab, and the football and soccer programs.

Hats off to teachers Maggie Gill, Chase Jones, Tim Tucker, Pam Pickett, Donald Partin, James Conry, and David King for what looked to me to be an educational and fun field trip. So how did they like Shakerag? “Pretty!” “Very beautiful!” commented a couple of the students. One teacher declared, “I thought they were going to have to airlift me out of that place!” Yes, it’s hard to believe the hike, which goes halfway down the plateau and back, is less than two miles long.

And what did Nathan and I see in the botanical realm? He spotted trout lilies blooming, as well as Dutchman’s breeches, seersucker sedge, and two species of violets. White trillium, phacelia, and larkspur are all in bud and may be in bloom by this weekend. So hurry on down – it’s a grand show!


trout lily




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