Upcoming Shakerag Hike (Sunday March 24)


Spring has officially arrived! The vernal equinox is behind us and there is plenty of warm weather ahead–a cause for celebration for man and plant alike. There is no better place on campus to see the rejoicing of the kingdom of plants than in Shakerag Hollow, and so I invite all of you to join Dr. Jon Evans and I as we hike through Shakerag Hollow, taking in the early spring flower display and appreciate what is soon to come in the canopy. We will meet at Green’s View at 2:00pm to begin what will be a moderate-strenuous 2 mile walk. I hope to see a lot of you there!

Trout Lily

As Mary Priestley describes it, there are a few phases in the early spring wildflower display: the first features most of the true spring ephemerals and other early bloomers–bloodroot, toadshade trilliums, trout lilies, rue anemone, hepaticas, spring beauties and others–and the second features a whole new set of flowers–phacelia, waterleaf, dutchman’s breeches, mayapples, sulcate trilliums, celandine poppies and others. We are fortunate enough right now to be at the juncture of the two phases, and the number of species out and blooming is astounding! The forest floor is changing daily, so there is no telling what we may find. And so come equipped with a sense of botanical adventure and join us in taking in another of the beautiful iterations of the Domain’s greatest wildflower display!

Buckeye Bud


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