Trifoliate Orange








The following is a guest blog entry from Professor Gerald Smith:

Tri-foliate Orange


Photographed this line of trifoliate orange (Poncirus trifoliata) on Wednesday in the rough area behind Thompson Union.  It has been there for a very long time–for longer than I have been in Sewanee.  Surprisingly, it has not spread from its linear configuration to form a thicket as I have seen with this plant in other areas.  The line is well-defined and may indicate the property limit of the Torian house or an earlier house near that site.  In the last four decades the Torian yard has never been maintained out to this line.  Where this line approaches SC Avenue, there appears to be some surface disturbance that may indicate an old site but I am not sure of this.  Worth noting and leaving alone.

– Jerry

*Trifoliate Orange, while slosely related to other citrus fruits, is not edible freh. It has a bitter taste and is used in marmalades or dried to make a condiment, but is also used in Oriental medicine to reduce allergic inflamation.



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