Henley Hollow Walk

bluebell etc 007shooting star twoThe Herbarium sponsored a wildflower walk in Henley Hollow (in Roark’s Cove) on Sunday. April 7. The stars of the show were the bluebells, at the peak of their pink-and-blue splendor, massed on a small “island” between two dry creekbeds. Shooting star and false garlic were also in bloom among the bluebells, and red buckeye was present and in bud. These plants are not found on the plateau top and upper slopes unless planted, as they are in Abbo’s Alley. Along the trail were many Virginia spring beauties (the narrow-leaved species) and rue anemones or windflowers, with a few hepatica still flowering. Bright splashes of red-purple phlox flowers dotted the woods. Mayapples were in bud and wild comfrey was in leaf. The resemblance of the leaves in size, shape, and texture lead to the genus name Cynoglossum or hound’s tongue. Notable woody plants were trifoliate orange (see recent post by Dr. Smith) and Osage orange (not an orange), both introduced in the area as living fences.


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