Leaves of Three — and oh so Pretty!


If there were a “Miss Popularity” contest for Shakerag Hollow wildflowers, I believe that Trillium grandiflorum, would be the winner. Springtime’s most-asked question, “How are the flowers in Shakerag?” is almost invariably followed by, “Are the trilliums in bloom?”

With all due respect to the Little Sweet Betsy, I know full well that they’re not referring to Trillium cuneatum, but to Trillium grandiflorum, the Great White Trillium, or possibly Trillium sulcatum, the Southern Red Trillium. Those latter plants are among the “wakerobins,” or trilliums whose flowers are held above the leaves on a stem. This is in contrast to the “toadshades,” whose flowers rest on the leaves.

No matter which are your favorites, now’s the time to go check them out, because they are at their most beautiful right now. Tennessee is home to 17 species of trilliums, of which the three mentioned above are found on the Domain, and several more species are located nearby on the plateau.

trilliums   trilliums2



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