herbarium label2Many thanks to Lelia Blizzard, the one and only taker for our summertime mountathon, our semi-annual chance to make another dent in the backlog of unmounted specimens on permanent loan from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. In two hours the two of us mounted more than 50 plants, covering the gamut of the vascular plant world, from ferns to grasses to wildflowers to twigs of trees and shrubs.

It’s always interesting to see these specimens collected in the 1960’s by some of the icons of systematic botany in the Southeast. Today I mounted a maple twig collected by our own George Ramseur high in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. George did his PhD dissertation on the high elevation plant communities of the Smokies. According to this specimen’s label, George was in a spruce-fir forest on September 10, 1966, collecting plants with his advisor Al Radford and John Bozeman. Dr. Radford kept a record of all plants that he was involved in collecting. This one bears collection number 45,195!


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