Busy Days

Boy-oh-boy is there a frenzy of activity in our fields and roadsides these days! Late summer flowers, including this Joe-Pye Weed, are coming into bloom, and bees,  butterflies, and other little flying creatures are having a field day. Plants that bloom now have tiny flowers – each of Joe-Pye’s “flowers” is actually a whole bouquet – and the fruits that they produce will also be quite small. There’s just not time now for some big fruit like a persimmon or plum to develop from scratch before before the first killing frost.

Joe-Pye is named for a “medicine man” who used this plant and many others medicinally, particularly to treat kidney and gall bladder problems and rheumatism. Don’t try this one at home, though —  it is said to cause serious difficulties on its own, including intestinal problems and internal hemorrhaging. Hmmm . . . looks as though this is another plant to appreciate for its beauty and ecological value.


One comment

  1. The 5′ tall Joe-Pye weed is blooming in the Hudson Valley right now and the flower heads are huge. A very pretty dull pink color.

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