Blazing Star


What an appropriate name for this beautiful wildflower! This particular species, Liatris microcephala, is blooming these days on bluffs and other dry locales around the Domain. A member of the Aster family, Liatris attracts lots of pollinators, among which Schinia sanguinea,  the Bleeding Flower Moth, lays eggs only on Liatris species.
Late summer is the pink-and-gold period for wildflowers. Other pink-to-fuscia-to-purple flowers now blooming include Joe-Pye Weed, ironweed, and Phlox. The golden ones, of course, are the DYC’s – “darn yellow composites.” Blooming profusely now are the sunflowers, leafcups, rosinweeds, and goldenrods, to name only a few.



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