Herbarium Hosts Journalists


SEJ herb visit

The Sewanee Herbarium  rolled out the red carpet for a select group of visitors today. The Society of Environmental Journalists are having their annual conference in Chattanooga, and today was field trip day! More than 30 journalists hopped on a bus to come to the mountain, led by Tennessee Natural Heritage Botanist Todd Crabtree. After a peek into nearby Fiery Gizzard, one of the main attractions of the South Cumberland State Park  the group headed to Sewanee to tour the Landscape Analysis Lab  and herbarium, have lunch, and take a hike in Shakerag Hollow on Sewanee’s Perimeter Trail. There, Todd, Jon Evans,  and Mary Priestley  were joined by David Haskell, biology professor and author of The Forest Unseen.  It was a treat. The journalists seemed genuinely interested in what we had to tell them and impressed by the  gorgeous scenery. We had a good day together!

SEJ Todd SEJ Shakerag SEJ David



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