Abbo’s Alley


The herbarium’s fall schedule of activities is ramping up this weekend with  campus walks, especially for visitors who are here for Family Weekend. Early this morning – too early on a Saturday for most students but just right for parents — we had a walk in Abbo’s Alley.  There is not much blooming, but the stately trees and fruiting shrubs made up for it. As often happens, the wildlife trumped the vegetation: as we approached the koi pond, a barred owl that apparently had been eyeing its breakfast  flew up into a nearby yellow-poplar to pose for us. Beautiful day, and such an enjoyable walk!

Yesterday, we got to show off the Alley to the Franklin County Garden Club, a multigenerational group that included young moms and their children and one great-grandmother. Participants ranged in age from 1 to 91 years – a possible record for herbarium outings!

Tomorrow afternoon at 1:30 landscape designer Margaret Woods will lead a tour of the newly-designated Sewanee Arboretum.  Meet Margaret at the kiosk at the junction of University and Georgia Avenues for a leisurely stroll around campus.



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