Rare Gift to the University

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Mack Prichard, Tennessee State Naturalist emeritus, has donated a copy of Dr. Augustin Gattinger’s Flora of Tennessee and Philosophy of Botany to the University. This book, published in 1901, is the first – and only – flora of plants of this botanically and ecologically diverse state. The University Archives already holds one copy of this celebrated book, but the special thing about this volume is that it was a gift of the author to Bishop Thomas Gailor. It is wonderful that the book is returning to the University after all of these years.

Modern efforts in the state have produced several checklists, atlases, and the Tennessee Native Plant Society’s popular field guide, Wildflowers of Tennessee, the Ohio Valley, and the Southern Appalachians. Sometime in 2014, the University of Tennessee Press plans to publish a manual of the plants of the state, the first such treatment  since Dr. Gattinger’s original Flora.

Dr. Gattinger bequeathed his library to Sewanee, but unfortunately most of the books have scattered. In contrast, we are confident that this one will be well taken care of.

We are deeply grateful to Mack for this generous gift. You can access the Flora online here. The NOOK book is free and a paperback reproduction is available.

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