Field Guide to the Domain

domain field guide cover

“Everything you’ll need to know about everything you never thought you’d experience in college – it all happens right here.” That’s how the college’s new brochure for prospective students describes itself. Designed to look and feel like a naturalist’s field guide, this chunky 5”x7” book is a beautiful piece. Roll-out began last Saturday during the Admission’s Office’s Fall Preview weekend, and continues on social media. Sewanee alums and current students are excited about it, but most importantly it appeals to the high school juniors and seniors for whom it was created. For now, most will have to wait for the online version, because there is a limited number of these little jewels. See some of the responses to it here. Google Sewanee Field Guide or check out social media for more.

The field guide is actually a description of college life at Sewanee, but the greater Domain figures prominently. Yours truly was invited to contribute line drawings of plants and animals of the Domain. I chose some of our more common flora and fauna, as well as rare organisms and some that are the focus of faculty and student research. The line drawings are situated right after pages about biking, climbing, caving and hiking, and just before a topographic map of the Domain. YSR!


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