Such a joy!

Harry Yeatman

Harry Yeatman, emeritus professor of biology, died peacefully yesterday. Ask decades of Sewanee students who their favorite professor was, and Harry Yeatman’s name is bound to come up. A distinguished scientist, Harry was a naturalist, interested in species because they exist. His quick laugh and delight with life charmed us all.

Chatting with community members and Sewanee alumni about Harry today, words like “icon,” “amazing,” and “incredible” came up. Dr. Steve Smith, C’76, called him a maverick, and said what a joy Harry had been in his life. Harry Yeatman was a unique and wonderful man. He loved nature, he loved us, and we loved him back. We who knew him are lucky indeed!



  1. xenisma

    Sorry to hear. I owe him immeasurably for the direction of my life after Sewanee. Is there any information on services etc. for those of us offthe mountain?

  2. marypriestley

    A memorial service is being planned for January 18.

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