Christmas in Sewanee

chapel wreath close-up

The Festival of Lessons and Carols was held last weekend, final exams are finishing up, and students are heading home for the holidays. After the post-Thanksgiving rush of activity, the town is settling into its quiet – yet joyful – celebration of Christmas. Lucky for those of us who will be here over the holidays, the town is decked out beautifully. Our crown jewel, All Saints’ Chapel, is radiant in its Christmas finery. Townspeople and students worked together to decorate this beautiful church for Lessons and Carols. Now, a week later, the wreaths of pine, fir, holly, and – yes – roses made from ginkgo leaves, remain fresh in the chilly weather. Inside, the  air is redolent with the scent of fir and pine, thanks to the greenery gracing every conceivable nook, cranny, and column. Sewanee is a magical   place, never more so than now.

Chapel greenery

One comment

  1. Todd Crabtree

    Beautiful “roses”
    Remnant of Jurassic times
    See, longevity

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