Rainforest and Coral Reef Ecology


Rainforests and coral reefs. .. what do they have to do with each other? Both tend to be in warmer, wetter parts of the world but rarely are they in proximity to each other. Belize provides a striking exception. Despite its size (it is only 174× 75 mi), it has some of the most pristine rainforest left in the world, and it also claims the second largest barrier reef.
The causes of Belize’s unique ecology and relatively pristine landscape are the focus of Professor Jon Evans’ class, Rainforest and Coral Reef Ecology. The first half of this class meets once a week for two hours. There are only ten of us, and we prepare for every class by reading various texts and occasionally watching a movie clip. The small size of the class allows for a closer and more thorough look at Belizean ecosystems than would be possible with more people.
The second half of this class is a 10 day trip to Belize to study its main ecosystems. We leave in late May and will spend 5 days in the rainforest and then go to study coral reefs on the coast for 5 days. I’m excited to be a part of this awesome opportunity!


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