Collins Gulf

Suter FallsWhat’s your favorite spring wildflower walk? There are plenty in the South Cumberland Plateau, starring Sewanee’s own Shakerag Hollow, to choose from. Forty-five minutes from campus, in the Savage Gulf State Natural Area, Collins Gulf has one of the finest displays around.  Today, on a hike for the Friends of South Cumberland’s annual Trails and Trilliums event, we saw almost every spring wildflower that lives there blooming beautifully! Early flowers, including bloodroot, hepatica, Dutchman’s britches, and trout lily, bloomed side by side with four species of trilliums, bluebells, Celandine poppy, yellow and spotted mandarins, and more. There’s still more to come — larkspur and geranium are just now coming out, and both Solomon’s plume and  seal are just in bud. The waterfalls, too, are splendid. Suter (pictured) and Horsepound Falls are both flowing beautifully.

dbl trillium


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