Shakerag with the Girl Scouts


Oh my goodness, is this an energetic, enthusiastic group!  Amanda Knight and her multi-aged scout troop, supported by one Sewanee student and a raft of mothers and grandmothers, took to the trail in Shakerag Hollow today! And what sharp eyes! They found May-apple blossoms hiding beneath the leaves; Jacks-in-the pulpit warming up for a good sermon; and all kinds of trilliums. The group was unfazed by bumblebees busily collecting nectar and pollen from boulder-topping purple phacelias and treks across streams both muddy and fast-flowing. One young lady even sighted a millipede that was making its lumbering way across our path. Brava, Amanda, and your whole squad! It was a great day in Shakerag for me.



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