buckeye hs-chestnut

Here’s a tree ID quiz! These two are blooming now in and around Sewanee.  This first plant, a native here, is  right at home in the mixed-mesophytic forests, such as Shakerag Hollow, on the sides of the plateau. Two big hints: this tree is a very close relative of Ohio’s state tree, and its seeds, encased in a smooth fruit, are said to bring good luck. Then we have tree #2, photographed where it was planted on the campus. It’s native to the Balkans and has been planted all over the temperate world. This one has similar-looking seeds, but they form inside a slightly spiny fruit. A little-known fact: the flower of this latter plant,  according to Wikipedia, is the symbol of the city of Kiev, a place whose misfortunes are in the news these days! Both trees’ fruits are poisonous. Traditionally, children in England played a game called conkers  using the seeds of the latter tree. Give up? Click the links to find the answers!



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