Good News for the Rare Plants

Thos with Silphium  powerline at Hawkins SNA

TVA maintains some high-voltage transmission lines across the plateau, both through  the Domain and nearby. One of those lines runs across Lost Cove and then down the side of the plateau through Hawkins Cove State Natural Area. This 200-acre tract has been set aside by the State of Tennessee for the protection of a plant that’s endemic to the South Cumberland Plateau, Silphium brachium, or Cumberland Rosinweed, which was first found here by Augustin Gattinger more than 100 years ago.  Our son and I walked that section late this summer to check on the plant, and we saw it doing well. The right-of-way looks like an alpine meadow. The woody plants have been cut so as not to endanger the power lines, and the herbaceous plants, including coneflowers, lobelias, ironweed, Joe-Pye weed, and the rare Silphium, are growing in profusion among the grasses. Kudos to TVA for this example of good stewardship. 



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