Rare Plants on and Around the Domain


An audience of close to 50 people, including students, faculty, and community members, learned about rare plants on and around the Domain yesterday. Tennessee State Botanist Todd Crabtree described key habitats on the South Cumberland Plateau and neighboring Highland Rim where rare and endangered plants are likely to be found. Tennessee’s Division of Natural Heritage runs a program to monitor rare plant populations in the State and manages state natural areas for their benefit. The Sewanee Domain includes several of these habitats — upland seeps at the higher elevations, limestone outcrops below the escarpment, and even the occasional grassy barrens punctuating the forest. A number of rare plants add to the beauty and diversity of these landscapes. Todd has botanized extensively on the Domain, often in the company of herbarium director Jon Evans and curators Yolande Gottfried and Mary Priestley. It was a treat for us to host him and to learn more about these plants, their requirements, and efforts to maintain their populations. Thanks to Sewanee’s Biology Department for co-sponsoring the talk with the herbarium. Professor Thea Edwards,  coordinator of the department’s seminar series, was instrumental in organizing the event.



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