I spy …


. . .  a turtle! See it? Under those wet leaves. The white flowers.

Oh, did I say “turtle”? I meant “turtlehead,” a neat native plant that is blooming around reservoirs and in wetland areas around the Domain. This is the Baltimore Checkerspot Butterfly’s first choice for plants to lay their eggs on. It’s also a popular browse plant for deer — where there are lots of deer you probably won’t find turtlehead. When you see turtlehead blooming, a fun thing to do is to squeeze the flower to make it open its “mouth” wide. Warning: don’t try this on real turtles!

Turtlehead is one of the plants that we’ll be looking for on the herbarium-sponsored hike that Yolande Gottfried is leading at Lake Cheston this Saturday, October 11, at 1:30 PM. Meet at the pavilion for this easy one-hour walk around the lake.

turtlehead2  turtlehead3


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