blackberries2 Look what’s ripening, just waiting to be plucked and savored! It’s blackberry season, and we’re not talking smartphones here, people!  It’s time to get out those pots and pans, simmer up some jam, and bake up a bunch of muffins for breakfast and a tasty cobbler for later — that is IF these gorgeous berries make it all the way home. Blackberries straight off the vine can’t be beat!!

Botanically speaking, blackberries aren’t technically berries. That term is reserved for fruits like blueberries and — yes — tomatoes, soft fruits that are loaded with seeds. A blackberry is an aggregate of tiny drupes called drupelets, soft fruits with a single enclosed hard seed.

Blackberry plants put out long leafy canes the first year, and those canes flower and fruit the second year. And both first- and second-year canes bear serious, curved prickles. Watch out for them. But definitely do brave those brambles — you won’t regret it!


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