Obedient Plant, take 2

obedient plant2

This plant is well on the way to being re-named “DISobedient Plant” or, at the very least, “Mind-of-its-Own Plant” by some here in Sewanee. I got a call yesterday from a townsperson, wanting to know the name of the “weed” that had sprung up in his yard. I went by his house, and here it was again, Obedient Plant (Physostegia virginiana), flourishing in a flower bed beside the drive. And I mean flourishing — plants were as tall as four feet, and the bumblebees were having a field day. This must be the summer for it — I have heard of another gardener fighting a not-so-obedient population in her garden. And certainly the population that I first spied a few weeks ago was luxurious. This somewhat unruly native plant, a member of the mint family, reminds me of a boisterous and beautiful thirteen-year-old.  Lovable for sure, but sometimes just a bit over the top.


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