Garlic Mustard Pull Sunday

The herbarium is sponsoring its annual garlic mustard pull this coming Sunday, April 24, 1:30 PM. Meet at Morgan’s Steep. No tools are necessary, but you may want to wear work gloves.For more information contact
Garlic mustard, one of the most pernicious invasive weeds that we have, is blooming these days. Glossy heart-shaped leaves are topped with clusters of white 4-petaled flowers that develop into thin fruits that produce many tiny seeds. The seeds can remain viable in the soil for years. If you see garlic mustard, pull up the whole plant. Then put it on a rock to dry out or in a plastic bag to kill it.  Unlike less-invasive roadside weeds, garlic mustard does invade the forest, out-competing our beautiful spring wildflowers, as well as tree seedlings.  It produces chemicals that suppress mycorrhizal fungi, decreasing the  trees’ ability to uptake water and nutrients. It’s edible — there are recipes here.

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