Summer Tanager?

IMG_1111What is that bright red beauty that I glimpse through the forest? This isn’t a bird at all, but its colors mimic those of that eye-catching songbird — the bright red of the mature males with the lime green of females and immature birds. Spigelia marilandica has a couple of common names around here — Indian pink is how I know it; others prefer pink root. Either way, it’s a gorgeous member of our early summer flora.  The color and shape of this flower indicate that it’s hummingbird-pollinated. There may also be other insects with proboscises long enough to reach the nectar deep in the flower tube. IMG_1112



  1. xenisma

    And here’s what it looks like when it “goes wild” happily in a garden… happy hummingbirds…

    Pat via phone…

  2. marypriestley


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