The Current Drought

The Sewanee Utility District has announced water restrictions, as we have about a 160-day supply in the reservoirs used by the utility district. No car washing, limited lawn sprinkling, etc, etc.   Lake O’Donnell is down two feet, and Lake Jackson is down 22 feet. There’s no word as to whether they will attempt to access water in Lake Dimmick. The Perimeter Trail passes two of the smaller reservoirs on the Domain, Lake Audubon and the Forestry Cabin lake, and on this my annual Perimeter Trail hike, I got to see for myself what they look like. Both were very low; I’d almost say the lake at the Forestry cabin (pictured on the right below) is empty. Makes us aware that the wildlife, as well as the humans, are experiencing water restrictions. There is some rain in the forecast for this week, but nothing appreciable until January.


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