Wildcat Trail Revisited

Was it 10 years ago that Prof. Jon Evans used a portion of a grant to construct nature trails at three area elementary schools — Sewanee, Tracy City, and Swiss Memorial? The one at Swiss, which was spearheaded by teacher Christine Stockwell, was abandoned a few years ago, but recently school personnel have expressed interest in reopening it. Eager for a chance to saunter through the woods, Christine and I went back to locate and mark the trail and see what condition it was in.

We were pleased to see that with very little effort the trail could become usable. And remarkably, the bridges and picnic tables, constructed using grant monies, are still sound. In our report, we suggested a sign, “Wildcat Trail,” at the trailhead, as well as minimal clearing. Additional improvements could follow the interests of Swiss students and faculty, but we hope it will be kept in as “natural” a state as possible.

Chris and I  heartily support reopening the Wildcat Trail, which was named for the school mascot. Besides serving as a nice place for children to read, do art projects, or play, this beautiful trail includes plenty of things for science classes to study. It is a unique and special resource for Swiss Memorial School.


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