Gathering Ginkgo

What a strange autumn this has been! Ordinarily, it’s as if the ginkgo trees say to themselves, “Today I will drop my leaves.” And so they do. All of them. In one day.  But this year, they seem unable to make up their minds. Most leaves have now fallen, but many still hang on tenaciously. Today I ran across two students in a yellow sea of ginkgo leaves, collecting some of the nicest ones.  They were making table decorations for a feast of edible wild plants to be enjoyed by  Prof. Karen Kuers‘s class titled Forests: Food, Medicine, and More. “All of the acorn  recipes were taken,” explained one of them. “We were left to do the decorations.” And how exactly did they plan to use the leaves? Why, make roses, of course:  when life gives you ginkgo leaves, make roses!



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