Botanical Volunteer Opportunity

The Sewanee Herbarium is part of a network of herbaria across the state of Tennessee that are in the process of digitizing their collections of pressed plants. It’s a monumental effort, and they are asking for volunteers to help enter information from the plant labels, things like Collector, Date, Locality, …

There is No Experience Necessary and after about a 1-minute tutorial (5 slides that will automatically come up at the start) you’ll be free to start seeing Tennessee herbarium specimens!

See the flier below for a little more info, or go directly to NotesFromNature  and get started.  For this early trial run, we have Fern and Fern Ally specimens from only a few of Tennessee’s herbaria, but as we continue to upload data from all of the collections we will create more NotesFromNature expeditions so all of us can work on all herbaria (specimens come up randomly, so there’s no telling what you’ll get).

Please volunteer some time now and again, pass this on to your friends or to students for extra credit, or to other interested people and please help us database Tennessee’s collections.  If you are interested in passing to students for extra credit, or want to keep up with what you have done, it is possible to create a free username that will keep up with individual stats!


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