PPS Wildflower Hikes

This spring, I’ve had the good fortune to take wildflower hikes with some members of Sewanee’s Physical Plant Services. A couple of weeks ago, members of the grounds crew hiked down into Shakerag Hollow. Then late last week, I had two hikes — a gentle walk through Abbo’s Alley and a more adventuresome hike out to Piney Point. Abby’s Alley surprised me with the number of native wildflowers blooming — great white trillium, little sweet Betsy, May-apple, and  wild geranium bloomed among cultivated Viburnums and azaleas. The little red buckeye was in bloom, as well. At Piney Point, we checked out the Diamorpha smallii, saw the variety of lichens on the outcrops, and took a detour to see the ephemeral pond. Great trips! I’m looking forward to more in the fall.




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