Sewanee Herbarium 2017 Summer Calendar of Events


Botanical Drawing

Sat., July 22, 9:30-11:30 – Mary Priestley

Participants will spend the morning working on a careful drawing of a single botanical specimen, such as a herbaceous plant, a leafy twig, or a single flower or fruit. Emphasis will be on spending some quality time with a member of the botanical world, really seeing what you are looking at. We will include a few botanical terms, meant to enhance your appreciation and help you understand exactly what it is that you are drawing. Paper and pencils will be supplied, but bring your own materials if you wish.  Meet in the Sewanee Herbarium, room 169 in Spencer Hall on the Sewanee campus.

Foster Falls
Sat., July 29, 9 a.m. —
 Mary Priestley
This has long been a favorite spot for late season wildflowers that thrive in the open sun, such as blazing star and numerous asters. Meet at the Foster Falls parking area for this one- to two-hour easy walk in the power line right-of-way above the gorge with optional short but steep trek to the bottom of the falls and back to see some trees and ferns. Contact the South Cumberland State Park Visitors’ Center for directions (931.924.2980). Want to take a dip after the walk? Bring your suit! Foster Falls is also a wonderful place for a picnic.

Nature Journaling. A nature journaling group, sponsored by the Herbarium, meets Thursday mornings, 9–11. We are meeting in the pavilion at Lake Cheston for the summer. An informal gathering, participants share observations and writing, and sketch plants or other natural objects. Everyone is welcome. Get in touch with Mary Priestley for more information.


All times are CST or CDT.

Wear appropriate shoes on all walks. Risks involved in hiking include physical exertion, rough terrain, forces of nature, and other hazards not present in everyday life. Picking flowers and digging plants are prohibited in all natural areas. For more information on these or other Sewanee Herbarium events, please contact Mary Priestley at Directions are available on the herbarium under the calendar of events.

A map of meeting place locations is available at


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