Winter 2018 Calendar of Events


Lunch and Learn — Lower Cravens Hall, Sewanee–Thurs., Feb. 1, 12 noon, Mary Priestley

Program titled “The Cumberland Plateau, a Noah’s Ark for Plants”, sponsored by Sewanee’s Center for Lifetime Learning. Light refreshments will be served. All are welcome. There is a $2 charge for attending any one Lifetime Learning event.


Herbarium Tour and Mountathon — Sewanee Herbarium, Spencer Hall– Sat., Feb. 17, 9:30-11:30 a.m., Herbarium Curator Mary Priestley

Come help us mount our backlog of specimens. Learn methods that have been passed down through generations and are still used today, and take home a guide to mounting pressed plants. Meet in the herbarium on the first floor of Spencer Hall. The main entrance is across from DuPont Library and there is parking behind the library.


Community Botanical Art Show– Stirling’s Coffeehouse, Sewanee–Feb. 23-March 21,   sponsored by the Sewanee Herbarium. Opening reception Fri., Feb. 23.

A range of artwork including pressed flowers, stitch work, journal sketches, cut work, paintings, and more by community members and students.


Winter Green—Village Trail—Sun., Feb. 25, 2 p.m., Yolande Gottfried

Get to know this rather new trail that runs from behind the School of Theology to downtown Sewanee. Ferns and mosses will stand out and there are interesting historical artifacts. Meet at the parking lot behind Hamilton Hall (School of Theology) for this easy walk.


Early Spring Wildflowers — Shakerag Hollow–Sat., March 17, 1:30 p.m.,Yolande Gottfried

It’s St. Patrick’s Day, a good time to look for early “green” in Shakerag Hollow. If you don’t get out about now you might miss the beginning of the big show – spring ephemerals bloom early and fade fast. Meet at Green’s View for this moderate-to-strenuous 2-mile walk that may include a steep rocky section of the trail.


Nature Journaling

A group meets for nature journaling Thursday mornings 9-11. Come try it out – stick with it if you like. Bring an unlined journal (or a few sheets of unlined paper) and a pen or pencil. No experience needed. Meet in Woods Labs room G-10.


All times are CST or CDT.

Wear appropriate shoes on all of these walks. Risks involved in hiking include physical exertion, rough terrain, forces of nature, and other hazards not present in everyday life. Picking flowers and digging plants are prohibited in all of the above-mentioned natural areas.

For more information on these or other Sewanee Herbarium events, please contact Yolande Gottfried at the Herbarium (931.598.3346) or by email at

A map of meeting place locations is available at



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